The data-intensive system lab directed by Dr. Chris Jermaine (Professor of Computer Science) is part of Rice Department of Computer Science and focuses on the study of data analytics, specifically on how to analyze, store, retrieve, and manipulate large and heterogeneous data sets.

In this vein, our work tackles two types of challenges:

  1. The systems-oriented problems that arise when building software to manage large and diverse data sets; and
  2. The difficulties that arise when applying statistical methods to the analysis to such data sets

In fact, the most exciting research questions span both systems-building and applied statistics: How does one build software systems that allow the application of statistical methods to big data?

Must of our research is data-agnostic (that is, it is concerned with building tools that can be used with many different types of data). Although one area of particular interest is in methods and tools for managing and analyzing biomedical data.