Although PlinyCompute is meant to be used in a cluster of multiple machines (nodes), it can also be deployed as a standalone cluster in one machine (a PC or laptop). This is useful for getting acquainted with the system or testing with smaller datasets prior to launching a full cluster. Before deploying PlinyCompute, clone the project from the GitHub page:

The following script launches an instance of PlinyCompute:

$ $PDB_HOME/scripts/ standalone localhost

To verify that the pseudo cluster is up and running, issue the following command:

$ ps aux | grep pdb

The output should show the following processes running (partial output is displayed for clarity purposes):

bin/pdb-manager localhost 8108 Y
bin/pdb-worker 1 2048 localhost:8108 localhost:8109
bin/pdb-worker 1 2048 localhost:8108 localhost:8109

In the above output, pdb-manager is the manager node process running on localhost and listening on port 8108. The two pdb-worker processes correspond to worker nodes (each worker node runs a front-end and back-end process), which listen on port 8109 and connect to the manager process on port 8108.